Baseball and Softball Hitting Instruction

Epstein Hitting: Time-proven mechanics that increase bat speed, hand quickness and power


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Positive Teaching Environment

Learn in a respectful, teaching-focused environment from a professional instructor who is also a middle school math and science teacher.


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Team Clinics

Group instruction and clinics for full or partial teams.

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Individual Instruction

One-on-one lessons for players of all ages.

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Proven Methodology

The Epstein Hitting method has helped hundred of hitters gain the skills they needed to make high school teams, earn college scholarships and play pro ball. Mike Epstein hitting claims more than $30 million in player signing bonuses and over $100 million in professional contracts over the past eight years.


Certified Instructor

Be picky about the level of professionalism for your son or daughter’s hitting instructor. James Vance completed the Epstein Hitting certification program, by invitation, and is the only certified instructor in Ohio in this style of hitting. Mike Epstein, the founder, was mentored by Ted Williams and passes on the proper technique to instructors.



As a middle school teacher, James Vance understands that each child needs differentiated instruction. He knows how to break it down and how to communicate with students. He works with hitters as young as six years old through high school in a respectful, learning environment.




James utilizes the latest available technology to review your player’s swing and offer specific and detailed assessments and points for improvement. Including slow motion video, side-by-side analysis with major league swings and a bat speed tracker, these technology tools give your player an edge in understanding and improving the swing.

Hit the Way the Major Leaguers Do

What will the hitter learn?

  • Time-proven mechanics that increase bat speed, hand quickness, and POWER
  • Torque (“hips lead hands”) and its unparalleled application in the swing
  • How to correctly match the plane of his swing to the plane of the pitch
  • How to properly stay “inside the ball”
  • Mike Epstein’s proprietary drills that help insulate the hitter from prolonged slumps
  • The vital difference between “style” and “technique” and its profound effect on productive hitting
  • When to stride and when to swing
  • How to self-correct—“on-the-fly”

Softball and Baseball Instruction

The Epstein Hitting method can be used to improve your son or daughter’s swing, helping them approach the plate with fundamentally sound technique every at bat, regardless of the circumstance.


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