The Swing Plane

“The hitter must swing level to the ball – not level to the ground.” – Ted Williams


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“The hips lead the way.” – Ted Williams

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Why Epstein Hitting?

Since baseball’s earliest beginnings, hitters have used only two hitting techniques: Rotational and Linear.


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Are you hearing your coaches and instructors say these things?

  • Squish the bug
  • Keep your head down
  • Swing down for back spin
  • Roll your wrists for power
  • Keep your elbow up
  • Don’t dip your back shoulder
  • Hit the top half of the ball
  • Throw your hands at the ball
  • Keep the barrel above your hands

These techniques actually lesson your power and ability to connect with the baseball. Look at Albert Pujols’ swing. His technique doesn’t incorporate any of these stand-by “rules.”

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