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vertex: the highest point; the top or apex. from vertere ‘to turn.’

Vertex Sports Training is dedicated to providing professional sports instruction, helping young athletes achieve the peak of their performance. The current focus is on baseball instruction, specifically offering the services of a certified Epstein Hitting instructor. Epstein Hitting teaches the rotational hitting method, teaching players to hit with power by turning on a rotational axis.

James Vance Hitting Instructor

James Vance

James has a passion for baseball and a calling to teach. That inspires him to take a professional approach to baseball instruction. As a certified Epstein Hitting Coach, he utilizes a science-based approach to helping hitters engage their power and refine their technique.

In addition to playing baseball in in youth athletics (various AAU, AABC, knothole and select teams) high school and college, James has been coaching since he was 19 years old. Most recently, he is the head coach of a Cincinnati Galaxy baseball team, a select team playing in the highly competitive Southwest Ohio League (SWOL). He also serves as President and Co-Founder of Galaxy Baseball.

Previously, he coached at the Countryside YMCA, Maineville Upward basketball, and other area youth organizations, coaching kids of all ages. He is a middle school math and science teacher, currently teaching at the School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA). He previously coached boys and girls basketball, leading his teams to league championships and an Elite 8 appearance in the district tournament. For that role, he is a certified coach for the state of Ohio and certified in CPR.

He is the father of two Galaxy baseball players, James (Jr.) and Andrew. He is diligent about his tailoring his teaching and coaching style to the individual needs of each player. As a parent, he believes in creating a respectful learning environment where players can continue to find the fun in the game while they are learning. James takes on students as young as 6 years old through college-age.

Lessons Include

  • Structured goals and objectives
  • Video on the first day of instruction for comparison
  • Videos demonstrating progress
  • Explanations of what to do and why he or she is doing it
  • Visual comparisons to swings by great hitters
  • Sequence of drills your player can and should continue on their own

If you’ve been utilizing a hitting instructor that isn’t offering more than throwing pitches to the player, consider the advantage you can provide with a more organized, professional program. Vertex Sports Training is dedicated to education alongside training, making a smarter player, while enhancing technique.

  • Teacher 100%
  • Certified Instructor 100%
  • Coach 100%
  • Parent 100%

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