James traveled to Colorado in April 2014 to earn his Epstein Hitting certification. After an intense session, he is now offering professional hitting instruction.

Epstein Certified Instructors
Epstein Certified Instructors have been personally taught and trained by Mike Epstein and his staff. They have undergone an extensive “boot camp” training program and have demonstrated that they are accomplished and qualified to teach the principles of the Epstein Teaching System™.

Why Epstein Hitting?
This is what baseball legend Ted Williams had to say about it in 1993, “Mike Epstein played for me for three years when I managed the Washington Senators. He was always a keen student of hitting. I see Mike frequently and have parried batting technique and theory with him – both the physical and mental sides – on many of those occasions. I’m a tough guy to please and impress, but I believe Mike comprehends and teaches the science of proper hitting as skillfully as anyone I have run across in all my years in baseball.”